Thursday, May 31, 2007

First Payment to the Vendor

JYOTO organization has made the first payment to the Vendor as part of the contract. Progress on the definition of the scope of the project and final critical requirements has been finalized with the vendor. JYOTO organization is very excited as we confirmed the vendor is able to develop all the critical requirements the organization is asking for. Search capabilities, family tree input methods has been approved.

LA Organization JYOTO ha hecho el primer pago a la empresa que esta efectuando el desarrollo. La org. JYOTO esta muy entusiasmada debido a que se ha confirmado al detalle los criticos requrimientos para satisfacer las funciones que la organization esta buscando.

JYOTOは最初の支払い(約20万円)をしました。JYOTOはブーログサイトのため大事な機能あるいば検索の能力を確認した上にを払いました。毎月の進歩によるプロジェクトの一部の金額を払うように約束しています。 以上

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