Monday, October 16, 2006

Journey begins

Thank you very much to Okinawa - Uchinanchu taikai!!. JYOTO blog team was very excited and looking forward to start working for making this a succesful story.

We would like to thanks to all the juror, Uchina Taikai staff and Okinawa Kenjinkai representatives from all around the world.

We want to use this blog as one of the communication tools to start working together to make this project a reality.

We hope we can start working to build up the right team and having a professional team for this delivery!!

Gabriela Kohatsu
Hector Kohatsu

1 comment:

Hirai said...

Thanks a lot to Hector and Gabriela to start this colaboration tool!!

It's amazing to have chance to get in touch with an old friend like you, Maria Nakasone san!!
I was really glad to hear your name from Hector when I met him in the 4th Uchinanchu Taikai.
Keep in touch!